A Nice Girl Like Me

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But she wanted more: more experience, more travel, more passion. An epic motorcycle trip through Asia with her boyfriend John Steinbeck Jr. But drugs weren't her real problem. Alcohol was. Drinking seemed to defeat the demons in her psyche - until it became clear that drinking was her biggest demon of all.

How had a nice country girl turned into a drunk? Now a well-known journalist, ex-newspaper editor and chairman of the London Food Board, Rosie made it from the top to the bottom and back again. In this account of her life, she never shirks from the truth about herself - and in her honesty she gives hope to other women with addictions, addressing the hellish predicament of the alcoholic woman with passion and candour.

She was the editor of Esquire magazine, as well as of the Independent on Sunday, the Independent and the Daily Express. Abundance Mentality: Imagine that you had five amazing women in your life. Now act like you do. This is called operating from an abundance mentality. Many men are too eager to please because they operate from what we call a scarcity mentality. Self-Amusement: Looking to others to amuse you can cause tension. This is because in most social settings other people are already on edge. Now take on that attitude. Self-Confidence: Above all, self-confidence is being comfortable in your own skin.

Non-Neediness: Be self-sufficient, emotionally. Give to everyone social interaction just a little bit more than what you take out of it. This will make everyone feel at ease around you and enjoy being in your presence. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Latest posts. Personal Development.

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    Search for mobiles. Main navigation for mobiles. A Nice Girl Like Me Synopsis Comedy: Candida, the orphan of an Ambassador, lives with her aunt in the country, but breaks free for a holiday in Paris, during which she becomes pregnant in a casual meeting.

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