Awakening the Social Butterfly in You

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This is why travel is so important for our minds- we need to experience new things for the sake of our mental health! Because of Gemini, we gather information through the process of communication, whether we are observing or actively engaged. This youthful spirit keeps us young at heart and excited to read the next book, take the next trip or discuss a new movie with a friend. Try and narrow down your focus and then utilize the power of Gemini to learn, speak, write or teach. Keep communicating and expanding your mind! And pay attention to your own communication style and then observe those around you.

We can grow in our awareness exponentially when we just take time to observe ourselves and our surroundings! Thank you so much for reading!

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Please do not re-post or share content without the express permission of the author. Imagine being a butterfly that the flowers come to themselves! Approach people. You remember how we talked about how accepting compliments is best done with a simple "Thank you? Walking up to someone and saying, "Hi. I don't believe we've met," is an incredibly direct, confident, effective way of starting a conversation.

Humans just want to make it harder for some reason! Sometimes you've gotta do the approaching because other people just aren't gutsy enough.

Like you used to be! They're all nervous to initiate social interaction. Just walking up to someone, looking them in the eye, smiling, and saying, "Hi, my name is A handshake doesn't hurt. When you have three minutes with a person, seize it.

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At the bus stop? Talk to the guy next to you about his bag.

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In line at the checkout? Ask the lady how her day is going. The little things count just as much! Master small talk. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't have to be painful if you don't want it to be. And it doesn't just have to be about the weather! Small talk can be fun and fulfilling when the right topic and the right person rolls around.

If you have even five minutes with a person, start chatting. Totally not threatening too! While Brits are okay with talking about the weather, you may want to avoid it across the pond. Since that may or may not be out of the question, talk about whatever is in front of you. The bus is late? Or maybe you don't know what to order at the coffee shop!

Don't think of it as making meaningless chatter—think of it as brightening someone else's otherwise boring day. This skill will help you fill awkward silences. So the next time you're sitting by that girl in class that you've spoken to a few times, that project you're working on together next quarter won't be so awkward.

Practice talking to everyone. You're naturally going to find it easier to talk to some people over others. Those you have the most in common with will be the ones you gravitate to. While it's fine to spend a lot of time with these people, go out of your way to talk to everyone else.

You can only get better with practice! This is easiest if you can find common ground.

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Do you share a class? A hobby? A boss? Everyone likes being paid attention to. When you have 5 minutes to kill, fight the urge to go poke your best friend and walk up to that girl you've been meaning to chat with. Seem interested. The best face to put on when you're talking to someone is your interested face. Ever talked to someone who just doesn't seem to give a damn about a word you say?

It's the worst. Now have you ever talked to someone who made you seem like the only person in the room? Along with smiling and devoting them your entire attention both verbally and non-verbally, ask them questions. When something comes up, get the details.

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It's the fastest way to gravitate the conversation to a point where you both feel it was meaningful. Pretend you've known them your entire life. Those people you don't know so well will be a bit hard to talk to in the beginning. If the idea of making small talk with virtual strangers or meager acquaintances sounds painful, you're gonna need to get over that! It's what social butterflies do.

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The easiest way to get over that hump is to think of them as people you've known your entire life. What's keeping you from going, "Hey! How you doing? We are ourselves. When that pretty girl or guy you like walks in the room, you think, " How's my hair? Some people might be freaked out by this. The introverts, those with massive trust issues, they might not take to your super comfortable approach.

So before you go about asking them how the family is, gauge your relationship and their demeanor.

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Better safe than sorry. Be seen anywhere and everywhere. You're a people machine. Now that you're ready to get your feet wet in every social situation, do so. Go to parties where you only know a few people. Hit up an art museum and follow it up with a tractor pull. Go to a wine tasting with your bowling team and then meet up with coworkers for pool and karaoke.

Get out there! Keep as many social circles going at once as you can. If you stop making the effort, you may stop being invited.

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In the Time of the Butterflies

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