El Derecho en la Sociedad del conocimiento (Spanish Edition)

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Abolition of the concept of compensation for private copies, with full acceptance of the right to private copy as an intrinsic part of human memory since the invention of the Internet. That artworks become part of the Public Domain within periods that are of benefit to creativity and society. We ask that works become part of the public domain within a reasonable period of time, according to the kind of work, with a maximum of 30 years.

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Obviously, the economic exploitation of the works in both of these cases would still be permitted. The defence of the right to private copy and fair use of works should be firm and absolute, given that copying is the very base of learning and culture. Likewise, when the copyright for any kind of work is held by government institutions, such work should immediately become part of the public domain for any purpose whatsoever. In all cases, any other limitation or restriction entails a curtailment of the right to freedom of expression the right to send and receive information without any limitations other than those established by law.


This is one of the foundations of democratic societies, recognised by all international bodies. We ask that this traffic be seen as the private communication that it is, and us such, that a court order be required if it is to be monitored, traced, archived or have its content studied in any way.

It is up to judges, in accordance with the applicable legislation and by due process of law, to determine the cases in which there has been an offense and to establish the appropriate penalty in accordance with the Principle of Proportionality. These provisions are already in place in the Criminal Code. Los derechos de autor deben poder ser gestionados libremente por el propio autor. Es inconstitucional. That free competition be permitted as with all private entities, and that under no circumstances should royalty management bodies be allowed to delve into the privacy and the pockets of citizens and even less to use public assets and land for their own private benefit.

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That authors and editors should not be represented by the same entity, as in the days of vertical unions, that all members have the right to vote. Pero la historia ha acabado.

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Actualmente es un hecho la posibilidad de analizar los datos de aprendizaje utilizando los sistemas y el software de learning analitics , que ya utilizan los entornos sociales y ubicuos, en los nuevos LMS que lo incorporen. Es el espacio personal de aprendizaje del alumno. Recientemente ha fallecido Umberto Eco. Umberto Eco tiene la virtud de consagrar lo que dice. Pero ahora ya es un axioma.

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Esto no le resta valor, todo lo contrario. Son las estrategias metacognitivas. En todos estos puntos, decisiones y representaciones, ha de existir en definitiva la conciencia de los propios recursos cognitivos con que cuenta el aprendiz.

De la Sociedad de la Información a la Sociedad del Conocimiento

Y al decir esto estamos teniendo en cuenta aspectos muy ricos y muy complejos. Autoridades, familias y sobre todo negocios editoriales han entrado en un bucle sin fin.

En cualquier caso esta resistencia puede jugar en la contra de estos grupos de intereses, como ha sucedido en ocasiones similares en otras innovaciones disruptivas. Desde vengo estudiando el tema del conectivismo y de los MOOC.

Las ventajas son a grandes rasgos dos. Pero esto no es nuevo. He raises the question of whether connectivism is a theory, whether it embodies the objectives, values, application conditions, methods, elements that should comprise the theory, and moreover validation, open problems and future development lines. An English translation would have helped me a lot.

But I see this mostly as a criticism of the Siemens version of the theory, and only periphrially my own. Lo hace cuando al pedirle pruebas del Conectivismo, con la pregunta [3] :.


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First would have to say: What is a theory?. What has to meet a set of statements to be a system of ideas? You analyze the description as offered by Siemens, but have you looked at my own account? See especially my ebook on my home page, which describes applications and inferences that can be drawn, not just a set of ideas. Todas ellas probablemente suministran recursos sobrados para lo que queramos hacer. En palabras de Kirschner:. Esto es lo realmente importante.