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Most people find passion by struggling and working hard to master a skill. Stay strong. Rest assured we all feel this way when we learn something new.

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I am completely self taught. It all started many years ago…I wanted a career change and decided to teach myself computer programming. I spent the first month avoiding any tutorials or books. Instead, I spent this month looking at the best way for me to learn and get hired. I wanted to be efficient, not waste my time and learn outdated technologies, or learn things that I would forget after a month.

Based on those, I created a curriculum for myself focused on efficiency: The critical amount of learning in order to be employable in the shortest amount of time. Instead, it is focused on working really hard at the things that matter most in order to be employed in the optimum way. If you can work hard and skip the line by jumping straight into an intermediate developer role, that is a better outcome.

Luckily for you, I have already sifted through everything. I knew where I was going, and I had a map to the finish line. You will too. When I was getting started, I wish there was something like this that outlined things for me step by step. I also found many tutorials were taught by people with a lot of technical knowledge but without being able to properly teach a novice.

Since then, I have consulted for Fortune tech companies, ran coding workshops, consulted on published tech books, given technical talks, and I have helped those with zero experience in programming get jobs in just a few months. Mainly because I think bootcamps overcharge you money. I love this career and I think many people would enjoy it and benefit from it as well.

Every company that has a website or an app needs someone with Javascript knowledge. Using tools like Electron , React Native and many others, Javascript allows you to build a desktop app, a mobile app, a web app, and even VR apps. You can control robots by using something like Jonny-Five.

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You can build your own blockchain. Lisk , an ethereum like platform uses javascript. Want to use AI and Machine Learning? Great, you can use Javascript to do all of that too.

It is the most in demand language by employers. It is not uncommon for developers to get contacted by recruiters and head hunters multiple times a week for job offers. There is a lot of new developments in the community. Some people complain about Javascript fatigue, since more and more new tools are being developed every day. However, we can use this to our advantage. You would be learning these new technologies at the same time as people who have been in the industry for years.

Trust me, it is a great community with a lot of demand. Below you will find what I believe are the best for you to get the most out of your time. By the end of 5 months, you should be able to land your first real non-entry level programming job. No bootcamps. Just you and your determination. We will be focusing on the most employable and in demand skills in No time for outdated technologies like PHP or jQuery.

There is nothing wrong with them, and I have total respect, but based on some of the emails I have received over the years from you, a lot of people are in financial need and have families that they have to support. Time is important to you and you want to be employable as soon as possible and learn the modern skills.

Big question to answer: How do computers, the internet, and websites work? How can I build a website?

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Big question to answer: How does javascript make machines do what you want? Big question to answer: Can I build a professional looking website and understand the entire process? Big question to answer: What problem does React or Vue solve? I love React. As a matter of fact, I teach it to others and run workshops on it. So just trust me on this one. Learn React unless you have a good reason to learn Vue. Big question to answer: Where do servers, databases, and raspberryPis fit into all of this?

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I do agree that these are important topics to cover in order to be a good developer, and everybody should learn the skills. However, we are trying to build a trunk of foundation here. Additionally, in most job postings I found, there was very little mention of the above skills. Just save learning these until you are on the job.

By the end of the 5 months you should have the below requirements completed:. Then, buy a domain, buy hosting from a place like BlueHost or HostGator , get the cheapest option, make a website, and put it online. You can skip this option if you would like to use Github Pages which is free. But if you can afford it, actually buy one of the above hosting platforms so you understand how they work. This is going to be your portfolio from now on.

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Learn how to update it and make edits. As you learn new things, continue to make it nicer and nicer. Start learning Javascript.

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Now how can you make your website interactive? Go through the above resources and see what Javascript does.

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Start pushing your little projects to GitHub. Employers will look at your GitHub profile and how active you are on there. Try to make commits 5 times a week on your personal projects. Also try reading through this and contributing to some open source projects like freeCodeCamp or zerotomastery. Learn to google and use Stack Overflow when you have problems.

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Or join the Javascript IRC channel and ask questions when you are stuck. Your local community might also have a slack channel. If not, pick one from here and talk to other developers. The key is to figure out how to solve your own problems and not always follow a tutorial and watch somebody else answer your questions. Become comfortable using a command line to do things.

Always have it open when practicing and try using it instead of the GUI graphical user interface. Learn the newest language features and trends in Javascript, and learn to solve problems with them i.