Men, Get Real With Your Finances...It Takes More Than Money To Win

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  8. Retool Your Budget When I get the most stressed about my finances, it often means my personal budget is out of whack. Check these items off your to-do list when your budget starts causing you stress: Review. Go over your bills and expenditures, and make sure all your numbers are accurate by ensuring that receipts and bills match up with your budget.

    Men, Get Real With Your Finances...It Takes More Than Money To Win

    Of course, things can fluctuate from month to month because of car repairs, health emergencies, travel, and other unpredictable events. This might be the perfect time to allot a certain amount to an emergency fund for a little more peace of mind. Try taking on a second job to bring more in, or reduce your phone bill, TV package, or travel plans to restore balance to your budget.

    Pay Off. Create a debt pay-off plan and stick to it so you have an idea of when your credit card balances, student loans, or car payments are going to be paid off — this knowledge alone can help you breathe a major sigh of relief. Repeat as needed to feel more in control of your finances. Contribute to an Emergency Fund The idea that the best-laid plans can be derailed by unknown events, such as the loss of a job, illness or death, or even natural disasters , can be paralyzing. While a friend might seem to enjoy plenty of success, it could be courtesy of credit cards and debts.

    Many people post the best version of their lives on social media, so perception can be skewed. The only person you can change is yourself. Now the topic could come up if she or he plays the new game, Ms. Instead of a real-estate mogul, Ms. Monopoly invests in female entrepreneurs. The front of the box is adorned with a woman in a sassy stance and steel-colored blazer, gripping a to-go coffee. It reads: "The first game where women make more than men. Detractors say the rules of Ms. Monopoly may be well intentioned but gloss over the troubling forces behind the fact that women in the U.

    In the real world, women ask for raises just as often as men but are less likely to get them. Men are more frequently promoted into manager-level roles and of the CEOs who lead the companies that made up the Fortune list, just 24 were women. Since Ms. Monopoly doesn't address the causes of the gender wage gap, some critics say it suggests women need a head start simply because they're, well, women.

    The toymaker could have opted for a more meaningful way to tackle the wage gap, said Elise Gould , a senior economist at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute. Who's getting promotions? They can take a hard look at their own personnel issues and use that as an example for the real world as opposed to the game world.

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    Hasbro's executive management team , for instance, has seven men but just one woman. How to beat it: Have you ever trekked to the local grocer for some butter, only to find a few untouched sticks hidden in the back of your fridge?

    To help you figure out what you truly need, shop in your pantry or closet before heading out to the store. This will prevent you from doubling up on supplies you already have. Just make sure you stick to it. Imagine that you arrive at your local supermarket. When you enter the store, you listen to upbeat pop music playing in the background.

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    And the thoughtfully designed lighting makes every product on the neatly lined shelves look fabulous. Like an alluring enchantress, the tactile, visceral experience of shopping is so enjoyable that it makes you want to hang out in the store for longer periods of time — and, of course, you end up spending more money. The experience of shopping can provide a form of escape. So, try picturing products on a messy shelf. If placed in a less-than-picturesque setting, do you still want to linger and shop?

    Curated product placement is a clever consumer psychology ploy to get you to spend more money. Even losing yourself in some binge watching is a better panacea than leisurely shopping, which can be dangerous to your pocketbook. This is a widely-used tactic called anchoring. But is it really a deal? Retailers want it to be as easy and painless for you to spend, either online or in the store.

    Delete saved items in your cart, and before you head to the checkout lines, do a quick inventory of items in your basket to gauge what you really need. The more trouble it takes to buy something, the less inclined you are to make a purchase. From BOGOs buy one, get one free to bulk discounts, supposed deals actually get you to spend more. Take it from a former deal addict. I used to dump random sundry items into my cart — tubes of toothpaste, trinkets from clearance bins, sheets of stationery and stickers — merely for the thrill of scoring a bargain.

    You could even challenge yourself to keep your discretionary spending to a minimum at the beginning of the month. How to break the impulse: While it may be unavoidable, try to stay focused on what you intend to buy, and ignore other products that might catch your eye. Things like setting up automatic savings deposits , lowering bank fees , and planning for the future. For the most part, following money rules will help you achieve your financial goals.

    But, not all of the time. There are exceptions.

    And when it comes to rewards, pick a card that offers rewards that match your spending style. But there are two reasons to break this rule.

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    Kern says that when you add up the mortgage, repairs, closing costs and insurance, it could end up being more than what you pay in rent. His advice? Paying off debt can free up more money in your budget to save, but it could cost you opportunities to get ahead in other ways. The takeaway?