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In April , just six months after it opened, Risk was destroyed by a fire. A cigarette, wedged between two seat cushions, was said to have started the blaze.

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The man was shattered. Today, federal prosecutors say they have a witness who claims that Paciello arranged to have Risk burned in order to get the insurance money, although many people are not so sure. Gossip around the New York club scene was that Caruso had arranged for the fire. He had left South Beach a month before it occurred, after a fight with Paciello in which, he later testified, Paciello had put a gun in his face and threatened him.

Using that money, he opened Liquid seven months after the fire. A friend, reacting to law-enforcement allegations that Paciello was a front for the Mob, says that if Paciello had any business dealings with the Mob it was only briefly and in the past. Others disagree. Paciello met Ingrid Casares during the time he was running Risk, when she was known principally for being the lover of famous women.

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She first hit the gossip columns around as the girlfriend of comedian Sandra Bernhard. As the story went, Bernhard introduced Casares to Madonna, who then stole her away. In Miami, where she grew up, Casares, now 35 years old, was regarded as something of a lost young woman. The daughter of a wealthy Cuban-American businessman, she was smart and funny and partied hard. He hired her and basically turned over to her the responsibility of making Liquid a far more upscale and sophisticated club than Risk had ever been.

With Casares, Paciello began to become something of a celebrity himself. She overhauled his wardrobe and took him to parties where he was photographed with her and Madonna. She reportedly introduced him to Niki Taylor, whom Paciello dated in But after he met Casares, Paciello was swarmed by women. A man who worked for him remembers one night at Liquid when he spent most of the evening trying to keep Vergara, Taylor, and Daisy Fuentes away from one another.

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They are also both very cold, they are both hunters. They are different in many ways, but at a point they connect. He had seats and she needed a place to sit. He gave her an identity, a platform. There was an incredible magic there. A huge success, Bar Room was more lounge than dance club, catering to an older, wealthier clientele than Liquid did. Joia, the open-air, Mediterranean-style restaurant on Ocean Drive, which opened in , was also a big success. Even now, with Paciello under house arrest, Joia is filled to overflowing most nights with models and Eurotrash and wealthy Miamians, their Navigators, Mercedeses, and Rolls-Royces parked at the curb.

Paciello worked hard, regularly putting in hour days. Chris treated these queens with utter respect, and they worked their asses off for him. Casares was also ambitious.

(ebook) Nightlife [Confidential] Volume 1

Ingrid promoted her clubs in a big, big way. I think she was very proud that she accomplished something in her own right. Ingrid could come in as a partner—she would be the front. Even though she eventually turned down the offer, the episode angered Paciello.

In the second conversation, Dionisio tells Paciello that Lewis refused to see him. Sometime after this conversation, Lewis says, he was approached by several men, who had a message for him. It was no secret in South Beach that Paciello had problems with the law. On that date, Paciello is alleged to have stolen a BMW parked in the garage of his luxury apartment building on Collins Avenue. It had been reported stolen in New York sometime earlier. Paciello was arrested and charged with grand theft for the BMW, but the case was settled out of court.

In early , Paciello allegedly beat up an employee, Carlton Barton, who, he told police, had mouthed off to him. In March, according to a police report, Paciello got involved in a fight with a group of Arab-American patrons at Liquid, which left one of them with blood streaming from his ears. That case, too, was settled out of court.

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Quinn, who says he was knocked out when Paciello hit him with a bottle, sued Paciello. He lost his case last month when a jury determined that Paciello was acting in self-defense. The whiff of Mob connections, the hint of dangerousness, made him all the more alluring. A star government witness, Caruso had been granted limited immunity to testify against Gatien, his former boss, on charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs in his clubs.

Caruso claimed to have met Paciello in the summer of , and he described him as a sort of protector, his muscle on the streets. Definitely going to lose and get a beating. Caruso also said that during his first weeks with Paciello in Miami Beach, Paciello was visited at Risk by Johnny Rizzo, a top member of the Gambino family.

Nor is there any truth to the suggestion that money was obtained from any organized-crime group to open or operate Risk. Gatien was acquitted of all charges. But the Feds have not ignored what Caruso has to say. Christian Ludwigsen was the second of three sons born to Marguerite and George Ludwigsen. Until he was 16 years old, the family lived in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. George, friends say, worked, among other jobs, at a local gym and as a doorman at a Brooklyn nightclub. He also, according to court records, was arrested numerous times in Queens and Brooklyn on charges that included auto theft, burglary, and possession of a hypodermic syringe.

The area was considered home turf for the Bonanno, Gambino, and Colombo Mob families, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt High, which Ludwigsen attended until he dropped out at 16, was where many children of the Mob went to school. Recalls a year-old man who grew up two blocks away from the Ludwigsens and went to F. We called them the cugines—those were the male guidos with their hair slicked back—and the cuginettes, the girls with teased hair. The Mob was present in the lives of kids such as Ludwigsen. So what do they do? For a lot of Brooklyn families, the move to suburban Staten Island, with its open expanses of land and many lovely neighborhoods, was considered a step up. It was also considered a step up the ladder for mobsters. Anthony Spero, the reputed former consigliere to the Bonanno family, also named in the indictment with Paciello, lived there. Ludwigsen, friends say, had a very troubled relationship with his father. Drug use by a family member, these friends say, also made things difficult. Eventually, Chris and his father both left home.

I thought: At least this guy has a sense of honor. Two months later, on February 18, shortly before 10 P. Inside the house, Judith Shemtov, 46, and her husband, Sami, were having a cup of tea together. Her husband overheard her talking to the young men. As he got up to see who was there, according to prosecutors, Reynolds put a.


She died two hours later. By the early part of , things were going well for Chris Paciello. Like most South Beach club owners, Paciello hired off-duty Miami Beach police officers, who patrolled his clubs in uniform for added security. One of them was Andrew Dohler, formerly with the N.