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We walked down the gloomy rocky path to a building that looked like it was melting into the ground. Old Bat is depressed, so naturally the buildings are too.

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This whole village is made of her flesh. You got the best one right here! I immediately felt heavy upon entering the building. The negative energy surrounding the thirty plus heroes was making it hard to even stand. Most of them were wearing black cloaks like Racheal, hiding their faces under their hoods. Racheal hopped on top of one of the skeletal tables. Our village finally has a new guardian angel! Racheal took the banana and bit it, making the guys cringe. I have…where did she go?

My aura wings spread and I took flight. I soared around the room as the guys cheered for me. I spun hearts in the air and made bell sounds with each twist. My performance ended by gripping onto the top of the long pole at the center of the stage. My tail grabbed it and I spun around it, blowing kisses and posing adorably before something slammed into me. I worked so hard to get control of this village. All of those guys wanted to kill themselves.

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Every single one of them. But I danced, snuggled and literally blew away their worries! Their lives belong to me! I know how to get out of this situation. Sometimes it takes true bravery to stand up.

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Other times, you gotta suck in your pride and bow down. Poppy released me and turned to the crowd.

This little angel trainee is my student. Hey boys. Racheal grabbed me by my hand and walked me out of the guildhall, being sure to snag a bunch of grapes in the process. Racheal ruffled my hair. Was he nice to you? If they do, they get a death sentence.

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I mean be careful not to become like Poppy. When she first arrived she was a scared lost child. This village changes people. I let it change me but you undid that damage. You gave me my courage back. I mean if romantic love can work, why not sisterly love, right? Poppy stretched out her leg, which was decorated with multiple bracelets of different colors.

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She picked out the two black bracelets and handed them to my hero. Then stay here. I can teach you how to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I bowed to my teacher. Teach me how to be a better angel. I need to be strong so that Racheal and I can journey beyond this place.

Poppy pulled away. Got it? Everyone here loves me!

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They always will! Our powers are an ancient secret. Follow me to the training grounds. Poppy led me to a large shack made out different colored slabs of wood. This village has a cost. There were pinky glittery punching bags, hoops dangling from above for flight practice and lots of banana shaped objects. Tons of paintings of her decorated the walls.

Give that prissy little flirt a good punch! That all you got. Poppy turned and smiled at me. I have some anger in me. Pretending to always be happy. Poppy shook her head. She jumped off the trampoline in the room and took to flight. We just gotta bury it and keep smiling.

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They walked along the ground for a bit. Then I lost balance and fell over. Poppy seethed. Gotta work with your strengths. Are you good with your feet? I squinted but was unable to summon them and instead fell into her fluffy wings. So soft.

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I tried painting them, but the color always fades. The morgue was the darkest place of them all. There were skeletons hanged by the windows. The whole building was cloaked in fog too. I bet Racheal would get really hot in this place. As for me. My power comes from my incredible throat! Poppy tilted her head back and pumped her throat.

She then released a globule of spit on the body. As angels its our job to resuscitate them the moment they arrive! Especially in front of the guys. Old Bat slumped. She gave me an ugly glare.