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If he travels the same paths over and over again, he renews the scent markers on his trail and probably picks up other scent markers that other people and animals leave behind, which may help with his orientation.

How Do Dogs Find Their Way Home?

On your walks, you may have noticed that your dog does not walk with his nose directly on the ground the entire time. Although there are a ton of lovely aromas for his sensitive nose to pick up, he may also be looking around, doing some visual orientation. This helps dogs create a mental map of their visual surroundings.

Research on wolves has indicated that they use visual landmarks to help guide their way around their territory. Researchers have also found that some wolves have taken shortcuts to get from one point to another. When I walk my dog down my street after exploring our local neighborhood, he perks up as he gets closer to our house. When I have dropped the dog leash, he has gotten right up to the front door on his own.

How do lost dogs find their way back home? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

If I try to walk past the house when he is tired and he wants to go inside, he has pulled back on the leash to indicate where he wanted to go—home. In the context of a drug search, the Supreme Court has said it amounts to a "fair probability" or a "substantial chance" that contraband will be discovered.

That does not mean a reliable dog must be right percent of the time. But how high an error rate is acceptable?

The Amazing Science Behind Pets That Find Their Way Home

In a dissent , Justice David Souter cited examples from court cases of dogs with error rates of up to 38 percent, adding that "dogs in artificial testing situations return false positives anywhere from While that error rate might seem surprisingly high, the Court might nevertheless deem a 44 percent chance of finding drugs "fair" or "substantial. In Aldo's case, there is no field performance record to check, because police did not keep track of his errors.

After all, why would anyone be interested in those? The state argues that Aldo's two unverified alerts to Harris' truck can be explained by traces of meth that Harris left when opening the door. In other words, the alerts were not, strictly speaking, false positives, because the dog really did smell meth, just not enough to be visible.

Along with the possibility that drugs were hidden so cleverly that the cops could not find them, this "residual odor" explanation is a common excuse for apparent errors by drug-sniffing dogs. But it tends to undermine the argument that an alert provides probable cause. While it makes sense that a meth cook and meth user would have traces of the drug on his hands, such odors might also be left behind by passengers, passers-by, or even previous owners of the vehicle.

If a car once carried a pot smoker or its trunk once contained several pounds of cannabis, for how long could marijuana's ghost be detected by a dog? Depending on how persistent and common residual odors are, they could play havoc with the argument that a dog sniff reveals nothing but the presence or absence of contraband. In addition to residual odors, a fruitless search based on a dog's supposed alert might be due to other distracting smells, poor training, poor handling, a police officer's subconscious cues, misinterpretation of the dog's behavior, or even outright lying about what the dog did.

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In addition, "the State must present evidence of the dog's training and certification records, an explanation of the meaning of the particular training and certification, field performance records including any unverified alerts , and evidence concerning the experience and training of the officer handling the dog, as well as any other objective evidence known to the officer about the dog's reliability. The state of Florida, of course, disagrees, arguing that certification and a handler's confidence in a dog are enough to establish its reliability.

The state's Supreme Court brief claims that "no one is in a better position to evaluate the reliability of a well-trained dog's alert than the trained K-9 officer who has spent countless hours training and working with that dog. But a skeptic might point out that, aside from whatever emotional attachment the officer may have to this dog with which he works so closely, he has a strong incentive to believe or at least claim the dog is reliable, since that belief allows him to search people he suspects are carrying drugs and makes the evidence collected during such searches admissible—assuming courts agree with the officer's assessment, which they generally do.

It is long past time for judges to examine such assertions more critically. The other drug dog case, Florida v. On top of all that even if they dont greatly outperform the and just match it ill still be using them because of how little ill have to spend on cooling. My w hps throws more than one of the w panels.

Dog Sense of Smell and Scent Markers

You can find them on ebay but the price has gone up alot since i bought mine. Im glad i got em while they were cheap. You can probably find some generic ones around somewhere. I know theres a company that makes em but the holes are more square looking. Stick around and this shit will really start takin off. The flowering just finished up with the last of the HPS HOG grow by thseeds so im just startin to clean out my flower tent and will soon be puttin the LEDs in there to do a temp test which isnt necessary just curious and not too long after the DOGs will be tossed in there.

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Gonna top em in a few days. Once they hit the 4th or 5th node. Il have a video and pictures up today or tomorrow. Good luck to you man, I can't wait to see the turn out! History in the making right here lol. And theyre pretty good chips imo. Just about double the led power too! Plus i got a discount code from my order so let me know what you end up goin with!

With no exhaust its tough to manage heat. No way you can keep the door cracked open?? Or even leave a window open in that room a little and then put a mini desk fan on the ground by the crack in the bottom of the door and hopefully itll pull the cold air off the ground and throw it towards the top! No problem. Ill be throwin up pictures in a little bit. The others grew out of their deformities. Just shows you how cool these things run. This is without any cool air comin in from the outside. Once i get the outlet thermostat ill be able to have it pull air in as needed.

Its about 3 inches tall and has 3 nodes and thats where its topped itself. Its in there it just stopped growing haha. Got another 2 weeks or so before transplanting and clone taking.