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6 things every Christian needs to know about sanctification

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Format: Digital. Publisher: Zondervan. ISBN: Overview Christians generally recognize the need to live a holy, or sanctified, life. Horton The Keswick Perspective, J.

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    • Representatives of five major Protestant perspectives join in this book to present their views on sanctification. Christians generally recognize the need to live a holy, or sanctified, life.

      But they differ on what sanctification is and how it is achieved. Five Views on Sanctification brings together in one easy-to-understand volume five major Protestant views on sanctification. Writing from a solid evangelical stance, each author describes and defends his own understanding of the doctrine, and responds as well to the views of the other authors.

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      This book addresses such practical questions as: How does one achieve sanctification in this life? How much success in sanctification is possible? If so, what kind of experience, and how is it verified? The Counterpoints series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians. Counterpoints books address two categories: Church Life and Bible and Theology. Complete your library with other books in the Counterpoints series.

      Paul prayed that God would sanctify believers during time 1 Thessalonians Separation from sin makes experiential sanctification possible 2 Timothy Particulars about sanctification in the New Testament—noun hagiasmos. Jesus Christ is our sanctification—the person in whom we are sanctified and the reason why we are sanctified 1 Corinthians It is true day to day when we apply these truths in our living by making choices to believe God and serve righteousness instead of serving sin Romans , especially 19 and Relate this to John where Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will come and convict unbelievers of sin, righteousness, and judgment—core elements of the gospel Progressive sanctification should be a goal of believers Hebrews Here it refers to experiential holiness in life.

      This verse is not saying that unless one pursues sanctification now, he cannot go to heaven and see the Lord. Holiness is required for fellowship in time and positional holiness is required to meet the Lord face to face. So what? When a person believes in Jesus Christ for salvation God sets him apart by putting him into a positional relationship with Jesus Christ in Christ.

      Sanctification - The Saints, God’s Holy or Sanctified People

      The believer now legally gains sanctification because he is viewed in Jesus Christ. He is secure in eternal salvation and heaven bound. God wants us to live godly lives here and now.

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      Simply put, progressive or experiential sanctification proceeds as spiritual growth proceeds. God has provided the provisions for spiritual growth and living. Where do we start? These provisions begin with the local church ministry and the Christian life basic techniques as summarized in our Umbrella teaching and application aid. Various views of sanctification. Five Views on Sanctification, Zondervan, Sunday, February 19, All rights reserved.