The Challenge of Missions

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In the Amazon if there is a road, you can be certain it is in poor condition due to the rain and moisture in the jungle.

Most of the time we travel by river, which invites other challenges and dangers. When we are out in remote areas communication is also non-existent. The boy was taken to a local clinic for treatment, but they only managed to push the battery further down in his esophagus. He was then transported to a large city several hours away by ambulance. The time that passed from the moment he swallowed the battery until he made it to the hospital in the large city was 20 hours.

However, to make them feel better, he decided to attempt a surgery to remove the battery. Praise the Lord, that little boy not only recovered, but now, you would never know that he went through that experience years ago except for the small scar that remains on his back. There is no way we could do what we do without SBC churches supporting us from home through their prayers, sacrificial support, and partnerships with us as mission volunteers.

Feature , International. Current Stories , National. November 27 But the Amazon and its tributaries provide a passageway to many areas of the South American continent. Those who receive education are however not adequate to make them outstanding.

"The Challenge of Missions in the Islamic World" by Dan McVey

This lack of concern from the mission agency has caused the missionaries to raise complaints time after time for a change. However, many have received little or no attention to such challenges. Each mission field is characterized by its unique context where the process of the development of the history and culture of each field through the ages is evident. If this context is ignored, the missionary will not achieve his ministry goal in the host country. Thus, the missionary needs to learn as much as possible about the context of the host country before arriving and must continue to learn in this regard while being there.

The Challenge of Missions

Consequently, mission agencies should suggest that their missionaries study the context for a while before they begin their ministry in the field. These are important basic variables which the missionary must take time to understand. Sometimes people may follow their traditional customs rather than the Word of God, which offers a challenge to missionaries. Language is the basic tool of communication among people. Language learning is essential to the whole cultural learning process. Individuals who choose to minister cross-culturally but do not learn the language will always be excluded from a deep understanding of the local culture.

The best time to engage in intentional cultural learning is during the first two years of ministry. Missionaries cannot effectively communicate the gospel across cultural boundaries without first understanding the nature of culture, since missionaries without cultural training tend to conclude that people all over the world are alike.

A mission strategy should not only be a one-way process in the field. It should also comprise a process of interaction between the missionary and the local people. When a missionary arrives in a new area as a stranger and foreigner, his attitude towards the people is very important. The missionary will always face the challenge of meeting the expectation of the local people which he tries to reach out to with the gospel.

A major part for him is to try as much as he can to meet the expectation of the people through the assistance of the mission agency.

The Challenge of Missions

For missionaries to survive the tensions and disillusionments that accompany cross-cultural ministry, they need the deep inner peace provided by having said yes when God called. Without a genuine God-placed call it is too easy to bail out when the going gets tough. He must be able to properly network with people the Lord brings his way with every opportunity available. Through networking with people, he will be able to raise support for his work in case the sending agency fails to respond to their commitment towards him.

The purpose of networking is because God works through people to bring his word to pass, he holds the hearts of men, and can there by move any man to act towards you as he pleases. The missionary must be able to relate with people socialize , share his vision, challenge and expect a positive response from people. He cannot isolate himself or be indifferent about power purposeful interaction.

Much more than documents.

According to Ify Royal, he was able to raise partners that stood to support the work being carried out on the field. The missionary should educate or train himself on the aspect of wealth creation. The missionary should not fold his arms on the mission field and expect all what he needs to come from his sending agency. Tent-making has been a part of Christian Mission since the time of Paul. Paul was involved in tent-making, thereby laying no obligation on any man to feed him as he went about preaching the gospel, he could meet his needs.

The missionary should, in the case where it is possible visit home regularly.

This will enable him to share his challenges and mission work to people and challenge them to support what the Lord is doing on the field. When the missionary stays for so long without visiting home, many people gradually lose sight of him, even his partners. His regular visit and testimonies will spur people up by the help of the Holy Spirit to give and be committed to support his assignment.

Testimonies of what God is doing on the field are catalyst to set fire in the hearts of people as to what the Lord is doing. On this note, the missionary should constantly share newsletters containing testimonies of what the Lord is doing and how they can be a part of the transformation which is taking place in the mission field.

Why is Diversity Such a Challenge to Missions?

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The Challenge of Mission in 21st Century East Asia – Dr. Peter Rowan

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