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Although not explicitly shown, the Terran Empire seemingly rose out of a political faction on Earth before humanity took to the stars. Instead of offering a handshake, Mirror Cochrane simply shot the first Vulcan he met and then pillaged their ship—stealing technology that sends humanity not just beyond Earth, but on a mission of conquest against the other sentient species of the cosmos.

Just under a century after that first meeting, the Terran Empire was fully established, and the Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Orions, and Denobulans had all been conquered and subjugated by the human regime. The Defiant was wildly more advanced than any other ship known to the Empire at the time, and Archer planned to use its immense power to overthrow the current, unknown Emperor and rule the Terran Empire.

Attack of the Terran Empire Part 1 of 2

They did. Roughly a century later, in the s, not much has changed for the Empire when Star Trek: Discovery enters the Mirror Universe in its currently-ongoing story line. Apparently the Emperor no longer rules from Earth itself presumably to avoid situations like, say, someone rolling up with a big spaceship and threatening to bomb the planet to bits , because Emperor Georgiou appears on a gigantic cityship that also serves as the Imperial Palace, the I.

Sadly, it seems like much of this fleeting rebellion might have been destroyed, after Emperor Georgiou callously bombed its main base of operations before Voq and his fellow allies could evacuate. You can learn more about how that went in our most recent Star Trek: Discovery recap. Enterprise , but served as its second-in-command. The Terran Empire still ruled the quadrant, gleefully putting down rebellions when they arise with an iron fist.

The words stick with Mirror Spock, who went on to overthrow Mirror Kirk and eventually spark a revolution that would fundamentally alter the Mirror Universe forever. Prime Kirk also gave Spock access to a mysterious secret weapon his Mirror counterpart had, called the Tantalus Field, which Kirk presents like it can kill literally anyone in the universe remotely—which seems like it would be a very convenient bit of gear for anyone planning a violent revolution. By the late 24th-century, the Mirror Universe had undergone the most dramatic changes it had ever seen.

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Anyhow, she went incognito, with a secret-service detachment to guard her, of course. But the raiders just smashed down the walls of the place where she was staying, shot all her guards, and made off with her and her servants. Why else should they hit Varrak, except to get the princess?

The looting was just a sideline. And apparently they knew precisely where she was housed. Especially if the raiders, as you suggest, are really Merseian agents. The Emperor will give it to them, regardless. I know him. His first act on learning the news will be to have everybody who could possibly be responsible executed. I think we can suppress the information for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, but certainly no longer.

Get going! The lodge was as good a place as any to begin his work. Telestats from the central files could be sent directly to him there, on scrambled circuit.

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A monitor in his receiver, responding to the Secret order, printed the material in code on tapes which would disintegrate within an hour. Flandry sat in dressing gown and slippers, wading through meter after meter of information; much of it had cost lives, some of it was worth an empire. It was the job of Intelligence to know everything about everyone in the attainable galaxy. Chives kept him supplied with coffee and cigarettes. Ella stole up behind him near dawn and laid a hand on his head.

Our enemy will see that his august Majesty gets the news before then. She nodded, the light sliding down her long gold hair, and sat down at his feet. Slowly the sun rose. Electronic cross-filing is a wonderful invention.

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She regarded him wordlessly. He rubbed his chin, feeling its unshaven bristles scratchy on his palm. He paced the floor restlessly. He regarded her a moment. Not only that, but hunted up all the rest of your family and bought them free and set them up with some land of their own. The reward would cover that, with a bit to spare for my next poker game.

Will you set it all on a turn of the cards? He laughed and slapped her in a not very brotherly fashion. You can come out on the target range and prove what you said about shooting while Chives packs. After rehearsing what must be done, he spent the time amusing himself and his companions. There might not be another chance. Vor had been settled early in the days of Imperial expansion, and had become a rich world, the natural choice of capital for the duke who governed the Taurian Sector. It was like another Terra — less grandiose, more bustling and businesslike — and the Sector itself was almost an empire within the Empire, a powerful realm of many stars whose ruler sat high in the councils of the Imperium.

Flandry left Chives in the boat at the main spaceport, and gave the portmaster a sizeable bribe to forget that his vessel was more heavily armed than a civilian craft ought to be. He and Ella caught a flittercab downtown and got a penthouse in one of the better hotels. Flandry never stinted himself when he was on expense account, but this time the penthouse had a business reason. You could land a spaceboat on the roof if a quick getaway became necessary. He called the ducal palace that evening and got through to the chief social secretary.

There is some business to discuss. When he faced back around, his expression was obsequious. His Grace would be pleased to see you at fourteen hundred tomorrow.

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Look here. In this case, the kidnapping was so designed that Fenross is pointed in a hundred different directions, none of them correct. Merseia is too far away from here for Wilderness barbarians to copy from them; and if the raid was their doing, why should they give themselves away so blatantly? Oh, they were genuine enough outlanders, you could see that on them — but who hired them, and who provided the leadership? The files held no information on a race of that exact description, but I did find out that his Grace, Duke Alfred of Tauria, has a number of aliens in his household, some of them from unknown regions where only a few human ships have ventured.

She may be returned then, with her memory wiped clean of the circumstances, or she may not. The important thing is that the king will get the territory. The Emperor will suppose we can fight a war to get it back. Then he can set himself up as an independent ruler, or he can make a deal with some rival empire like Merseia. In either case, we lose one of our main bulwarks. Ella shivered, and there was something haunted in her eyes. Now by announcing myself here, I must have alarmed his Grace.

A shadow blocked out the moon and moved across the floor. Flandry peered cautiously through the window. Below the great skyscraper, the night city flared and blazed with a million jeweled lights, all the way up to the huge fortress-like castle on the hill. But there was a flitter landing on his roof. His blaster slid from its holster. Ella cradled a repeater rifle in her arms. In the darkened room, a shaft of moonlight threw her face into white, unreal relief.

Moonrays glittered on metal. His blaster roared, a thunderbolt leaped through the windowpane and wrapped one man in flame. The others yelled, scattering. Bullets cracked against the house.


Get your mask! The fight snarled for minutes. Two men came behind the house, blew open the door with a grenade, and sprang into the living room. Ella cut them down as Flandry fired out the window. Then there was silence.

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His voice came muffled through the mask. Friend Alfred must be rattled.